Super intelligent type

  • Torque range:

    1,000~8,000 N

  • Maximum itinerary:


  • Switching time:
  • Ambient temperature:


  • Mode of control:

    On and off / modulating type

  • Level of protection:

    IP67, (IP68 optional)

  • Display mode:

    LCD liquid crystal opening indicator

  • Menu action:

    Uncover setting (remote control setting)

    Configuration setting (e.g. valve position, maximum opening, maximum torque, etc.)

  • Site control:

    Non-invasive field control knob / button

  • Intelligent diagnosis of data recording:

    Fault diagnosis and Analysis by using Infrared remote Control Coordination menu

  • Voltage:

    Single phase:50Hz:AC24V/AC220V/AC230V/AC240V; 60Hz(AC24V/AC110V/AC120V/AC220V/AC230V/AC240V

    Three phase: 50HZ (AC220V~AC550V );60HZ(AC208V~AC600V)

    DC: DC24V


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