EOT series quarter turn electric actuator
EOT compact quarter turn electric actuator is a rotary type actuator.  With the motor generates rotary torque to drive multistage reduction gear, worm gear and worm mechanism, and finally through the output shaft to drive valve in a 90°travel stroke.   It is typically used to control the opening or modulation of butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve and other similar valve control applications.   The output torque range is 50~2500Nm.
EOH worm gear and worm shaft type quarter turn electric actuator – with clutch lever manual override
EOH quarter turn electric actuators uses Archimedes worm gear and worm drive, with high strength copper alloy worm gear and worm etc.  Through the output shaft to output 90°stroke travel to control the valve.   It is available for ONOFF and Modulating type of control typically for butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves etc.
EOM planetary eccentric gear quarter turn electric actuator
EOM is a quarter turn type electric actuator for 90°stroke valve travel.  With the strong planetary eccentric gearing it is designed to be long lasting and with stable and reliable stroke travel.  The model offers automatic manual override without the need for clutch lever manual switch.
EMD series multi turn electric actuator
EMD multi turn electric actuator is designed for the control of linear movement of valves.   Typical valve applications are such as gate valves, globe valves, control valves and others.  The multi turn electric actuator can also be combined with gearbox reducer to drive 90°stroke travel for the control of butterfly valves, ball valves and others.  
EMT series multi turn electric actuator
EMT multi turn electric actuator is design for the control of gate valve, globe valve, control valves etc.   It offers high rpm and torque output which makes control for large size valves possible.   The EMT model is also certified with explosion proof certification to support hazardous environment applications.
ELM series Linear actuator
ELM series linear electric actuator output is displacement thrust, suitable for disc lifting control valve types, such as single seat control valve and double seat control valve and gate valve.