Quarter Turn

Quarter turn actuator is also known as part turn actuator. It is used to control the opening and closing of valves such as ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves and louver etc.   According to the engineering situation and valve torque requirements, there are different type of selection and configurations.

FLOWINN’s quarter turn electric actuator can satisfy wide range of torque and functional requirement. With models including: EFMB1-3, EFMC1~6-H, EFM1/A/B-H, EOM2-9, EOM10-12, EOM13-15 and ETM spring return.  Explosion proof are EXC and EXB models.

EOM & EFM series: Basic type、Integral type、Integration type、Intelligent type、Super Intelligent type

EOT series: EOT05; EOT10; EOT20/40/60; EOT100/160/250

EOH series:Basic type; Mechatronics type; Integrated type; Intelligent type

Multi Turn

Multi turn actuator outputs rotary torque.   In comparison to quarter turn models, multi turn's output shaft rotates more than 360 degrees or more.   They are usually applied with gate valves and globe valves.  

FLOWINN's multi turn models come with different function and models to suit various engineering situation.     

EMT (Explosion proof) EMT11~13, EMT21~23, EMT31, EMT41, EMT42, EMT43 and EMT44 .

EMD ( Suitable for waterworks) EMD 10~15, EMD20, EMD30, EMD40, EMD50, EMD60

EMT series:  Basic type, Integration and Intelligent.

EMD series Basic type, Integration, Intelligent


Linear electric actuator's output force is generated by thrust motion to open or close the valve.    Linear actuator is usually use with single-seat regulating valve and two seat regulating valve etc. 

FLOWINN's linear model include:  ELM010、ELM020、ELM040、ELM080,  and ELM100、ELM200、ELM250; 

Explosion proof Linear:EXB(C), and HVAC model:  TFAX020-05、TFAX020-10、TFAX040-18、TFAX040-30

Industrial type linear  actuator function types selection:  Integral type、Intelligent type、Super intelligent type