South Africa International Water Exhibition

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The world’s attention to the South African market has never been so high, and the South African International Water Show has been born. The exhibition is jointly organized by water treatment exhibition, pump and valve exhibition and environmental protection exhibition. It is a large-scale commercial exhibition in the field of water treatment and environmental protection in South Africa. The scale and influence of the exhibition ranks first in the African continent. It is the only professional water show in South Africa. The exhibition was supported by a number of important government and industry organizations such as the South African Ministry of Water Resources, the South African Water Enterprise Association, the South African Irrigation Research Institute, the South African Municipal Engineering Research Institute, the South African Anti-corrosion Equipment Research Institute, the South African Steel Pipe, Plastic Pipe, Pump and Valve Manufacturers Association. . As an important part of the Industrial Technology Exhibition, the South African Water Show attracts many international exhibitors every year.

Market introduction

    The South African market has huge potential. According to statistics, there are 319 million people in sub-Saharan Africa who have drinking water safety problems. South African law stipulates that everyone has the right to personal, water and water for economic benefits. Water resources need to be sustainable. Therefore, the government has adopted a series of measures, including strengthening water-saving awareness, installing water meters, improving and Repairing water pipelines and increasing water supervision by local governments. At the same time, the South African government is working hard to solve the problem of safe and sanitary water supply and stepping up to achieve the “water quality grading standard”, so there is a huge opportunity for the local water industry. According to a research report published by the famous American growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan in October 2014, the overall sales revenue of the industrial water and sewage treatment chemicals market in South Africa in 2013 was 149 million US dollars. It is estimated that by 2018, sales revenue will be It reached $176.4 million and the compound annual growth rate was about 3.5%. In the South African water treatment chemicals market, coagulants and flocculants have the largest market share, followed by the preservatives and scale inhibitors market. South Africa is a middle-income developing country with a per capita national income of more than 4,000 US dollars. Its GDP accounts for two-thirds of Africa. It is the 'locomotive' that drives the economic development of African countries and is also the economic power of the South African continent. South Africa with great potential will be the best place for Chinese companies to seek trading opportunities and seize development opportunities. The South African Water Show is the best window to open up African and international markets.