【Announcement】EAC (CU-TR) Certification

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Flowinn non-explosion-proof quarter turn and multi turn electric actuators successfully obtained the EAC (CU-TR) Certification on March 12.

Flowinn submitted the EAC Certification application to the Russian EAC body, and submitted the product technical documents and enterprise qualification documents in accordance with the application requirements.  After the examination, we finally obtained the EAC Certification, and many non-explosion-proof (Quarter-turn actuator, Multi-turn actuator) products can successfully enter the Russian Federal market. The acquisition of the certification is not only a strong guarantee for enterprises to export to the Russian Union market, but also another expansion of enterprises in the export business territory.

【Announcement】EAC  (CU-TR) Certification【Announcement】EAC  (CU-TR) Certification

What is EAC certification

As the Russian customs union CU-TR Certification, EAC Certification is the Russian federation to ensure product safety standards and requirements, a certification, multinational common, unified logo for the EAC, also known as EAC Certification. EAC Certification is applicable to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries of the Russian Federation. After February 15, 2013, products on the EAC certification list of the customs union, must apply for the EAC certification, replacing most of the original GOST certification.

About Flowinn

FLOWINN was established in Shanghai 2007, as a professional electric actuator manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. With clients including world’s Fortune 500 brand companies, valve manufacturer, various distributors and projects. Over the last decade our products are sold worldwide including Asia, Australia, Europe and America.

Complying with international standards, our products can match various type of butterfly valves, ball valves and other part turn or multi turn valves. Our products are widely apply to waste water treatment, HVAC, oil & gas, electronic, light industry, food processing, pharmaceutical processing, textile processing, Paper industry, hydro-electricity, ship building, alchemy and new energy etc.