Oil and gas are the foundation energy for various industries. The extraction, processing and distribution requires complicated protocol and procedures. Such operation and procedures have such hazardous potentials therefore would require very strict regulation and standards for equipment.
Pump station
Tank farm
A power plant (nuclear power plant, wind power plant, solar power plant, etc.) that converts raw energy (e.g., hydro, steam, diesel, gas) into electricity for use in fixed facilities or transportation.
Geothermal power generation
Central heating
Combined cycle
Nuclear power
Conventional power plants
Water treatment
Water conservancy project is an important part of economic and infrastructure, which plays an irreplaceable role in flood control safety, utilization of water resources, sewage treatment and purification. The safety of water supply processing is vital to the modern water industry.
Wastewater discharge
Drinking water transport
Water purification processing
Sewage treatment
Marine and shipyard
As national policy indicates that the shipbuilding industry should save energy and reduce emissions, and reduce environmental pollution. Large quantity of automated valve have been installed on large and medium-sized ships, which reduces the working intensity of the crew and staff. Other applicable ship are passenger/cargo ship, general cargo ship, container ship, RO-RO loading barge, bulk carrier, oil carrier and liquid gas carrier.
Iron and steel
Cruise ship
For other industry applications such as HVAC, pharmaceutical, steel mill, paper mill, food processing etc. We can provide optimal processing and control solutions.
Iron and steel metallurgy